About Electrolytic Ozone, Inc.

Electrolytic Ozone, Inc. was founded in 2009 to commercialize a new miniaturized in-water from-water ozone-generation technology that enables compact ozone applications that were previously impossible or impractical. Since that time, with the backing of Element Six Ventures, EOI has brought diamond-based electrolytic ozone cells, subsystems, and appliances to water disinfection and surface sanitizing markets.
Our vision is to harness the benefits of ozone as an alternative to heat and chemical disinfectants, and in doing so, improve the safety and quality of the human environment.  As the market-leading provider of miniaturized ozone technology we will enable next generation applications where compactness, reliability, and safety from excessive ozone out-gassing are critical.

The EOI management team has decades of experience in building technology markets and growth companies. We are dedicated individuals with deep expertise in ozone technology and extensive backgrounds in physics, biotechnology, and mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. We actively support leading manufacturers of innovative consumer and industrial goods to create new-to-the-world ozone-based products.