Key Facts About Electrolytic Ozone, Inc. Activated Oxygen (O3)

  • EOI activated oxygen purifies and disinfects water and sanitizes surfaces with 'Mother Nature’s cleanser'
  • EOI activated oxygen (ozone) is a compact version of the technology used to purify water in bottling and municipal treatment plants and sterilize operating rooms
  • EOI's ultra-compact, 5cm electrolytic cell enables new applications where size, safety and reliability are key
  • EOI activated oxygen (ozone) is 100% chemical free
  • EOI technology makes ozone from-water-in-water using boron doped diamonds so it’s significantly more efficient than other ozone technologies
  • EOI technology is safer than other ozone technologies since the ozone is made from water in water with very small bubble, producing very little amounts of off-gas
  • EOI technology meets OSHA safety requirements