Key Facts About Electrolytic Ozone, Inc. Activated Oxygen (O3) in Surface Sanitizers

  • EOI sanitizing spray bottle sanitizes hard non-porous surfaces like tables, counters, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, doors, and more in commercial and institutional settings
  • Operators can replace harsh chemical sanitizers with a safe and effective water-based alternative Helps keeps customers and employees safe from harsh chemicals and germs
  • EOI active diamond electrolytic process technology (ADEPTâ„¢) electrolytic cell in the handheld, on-demand sprayer turns common drinking water into activated oxygen (O3)
  • O3 is generally regarded as safe by the FDA and approved for use on organic foods
  • EOI's spray bottle produces a surface sanitizer more powerful than chlorine, but without the dangerous chlorine fumes or residue
  • Activated oxygen is an environmentally-friendly, all-natural solution that safely kills 99.9% or more of common pathogens including e coli, salmonella, and MRSA, without harmful chemicals
  • Activated oxygen is effective against common odors
  • The highly portable spray bottle is free from special charging stations and long hoses
  • On-demand means there are no worries about loss in sanitizing power during use