Electrolytic Ozone Opens Greater-Boston Facility
Producer of ozone cells used as a alternative to heat and chemical sanitizers

Wilmington, Mass (November 3, 2010) Electrolytic Ozone Inc.(EOI) today announced the opening of it’s Wilmington manufacturing facility. EOI, a spin out of Element Six, Ltd., develops and manufactures ultra-compact, safe and reliable ozone generators that harness the benefits of ozone to improve the safety and quality of the human environment. EOI ozone cells enable innovative sanitization, deodorization and preservation applications of ozone for consumer, food safety, health and medical uses.

The Wilmington facility will serve as both the EOI corporate headquarters and research and development laboratory. Additionally, the building is equipped for the manufacture of large volumes of ozone cells designed for integration into light industrial and consumer products.

CEO Wayne Lieberman said “ The Wilmington location provided an optimal fit with our start-up needs. Support from specialized supplier resources in the Boston area is a critical aspect of our growth plan.”

Commenting further, Bill Yost, COO, said, “Ozonated water is a highly effective and environ- mentally friendly disinfecting agent. It is particularly attractive as an alternative to chlorine because it kills more pathogens, acts more quickly, produces fewer by-products, and leaves no residue. Ozone achieves pathogen reduction rates equivalent to heat while using 95% less energy.”

He added, “The EOI cells are unique and distinct in that they use a patented diamond anode material to produce ozone safely in water. The development of this type of technology requires an experienced team with diverse technical abilities.”

The Boston area, with a large pool of talent from distinguished universities, provides the chemical, mechanical, electrical, and biotechnology engineering excellence that underpins the foundation of the company.

The company expects the initial staffing to be approximately 20 people within the first year of operations.

Press Contact
Wayne Lieberman

URL: For more information: http://www.eoi-ozone.com